Take List

Take List

Our Take List module allows you to manage acute medical and surgical on-call, commonly referred to as "the take". The module supports take meetings by presenting patients in a single view with functions to allow assignment of teams and actions, organise senior reviews and record outcomes.

Developed in conjunction with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, our Take Module maintains a daily take list designed to support the trust's clinical take meetings. Functionality includes:

- Track patient location
- Assign teams & actions
- Manage patient clerking
- Identify unstable patients
- Highlight patients for consultant review
- Record working diagnosis
- Record patient outcome

Accessible from a variety of devices (PC, Laptop, Large screen, Smartphone and tablet) it supports you whether you are behind a desk or on the move.

Our advanced user interface makes accessing and updating information a breeze meaning everyone has a real-time perspective on the situation.

The solution can be fully interfaced to the hospital PAS/EPR or used as a standalone solution and in either deployment will provide immediate benefits compared to traditional methods.

If you're already a Cambio PFM customer the benefits will be even greater, but in either case why not get in touch, we'd love to show you how we can help reduce the burden of administration and free up your time for patient care.
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