Cambio capacity and demand dashboards
live across Lincolnshire STP

'The solution has attracted a lot of interest among staff as they appreciate it offers real value.'
New real-time dashboards for capacity and demand planning are now fully live across Lincolnshire STP, just two months after signing the deal with Cambio Healthcare Systems.

4 February 2019 - The urgent care team has been using data entry screens since before Christmas to record key performance indicators from the situation reports for three NHS trusts covered by Lincoln's sustainability and transformation partnership (STP).

But from this week, each trust will take responsibility for their own data entry resulting in a more complete picture of activity across the health system.

Staff have welcomed the move. Already 60 senior clinical staff, department heads and senior managers have registered for access to the dashboards to view results.

Urgent care programme support manager, Philip Huckle, says the solution has attracted a lot of interest among staff as they appreciate it offers real value.

'Having a snap-shot of the whole healthcare system in one place is hugely convenient and very powerful,' he said. 'Once fully operational it will become the go-to place for an immediate picture of activity across the county, which includes finding beds in community and mental health facilities and so relieving pressure on acute services.'

The priority now is to implement a live data feed from the acute and ambulance services, namely United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust and East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust. A live feed will help quickly assess the impact of urgent cases so allowing care teams to plan accordingly.

'With a complete picture of demand, capacity and resources in real time, we can pinpoint impending surges in demand and move resources before it becomes critical,' Huckle said.

Data collection from Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust, and primary care is also planned. All health and care organisations across Lincolnshire will have a shared view of regional and local demand.

Under the deal agreed in November 2018, Cambio has delivered a solution based on its PFM (patient flow manager) and dashboard technology from Beautiful Information. Data entered via PFM input screens is forwarded immediately to automatically populate the dashboard and provide a complete breakdown of current demand, capacity, resources and impending problems.

The project is a central plank of Lincolnshire STP's strategic plan. The goal is to coordinate care across Lincolnshire so all providers can respond quickly and appropriately to changes in demand and so alleviate pressure on health services. Underpinning this is an enterprise-wide capacity management system to inform decisions and place patients in the most appropriate care setting quickly and efficiently.

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