Infection Control

Infection Control

Patients identified as having contracted particular infections are automatically added to the infection control module. This enables infection control teams to assess and manage patients effectively throughout the whole hospital.

By enabling tracking of patients with infections, the Cambio PFM can assist in making sure that patients are receiving the most appropriate care and the correct precautions are being taken to minimise the spread of infection.

On the wards, Cambio PFM enables easy identification of patients with infections, thus ensuring all staff are aware of any associated risks.

On re-admission, previously identified infections are flagged up immediately, thus reducing clinical risk and improving patient safety.

Features of the Infection Control Module
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Electronic Referrals
Managing referrals using Cayder PFM removes the need for phone calls, faxes or emails. Referrals can be made at any time of day or night and the referral is clearly tracked from the instant that it is requested through to completion. Checking the progress of a referral can be done whenever it is convenient. The PFM ensures that referral information is consistent and complete.
Update from anywhere, at anytime
Accessible from a variety of devices (pc, laptop, large screen, smartphone and tablet) Cayder PFM supports you whether you are behind a desk or on the move. Our advanced user interface makes accessing and entering referral information quick and easy, ensuring that everyone can be kept up to date with the latest progress.
More Effective Reviews
Multidisciplinary teams love using Cayder PFM for their reviews! They tell us that meeting times have been significantly reduced as the PFM makes the process much more efficient and if members of the team are not all in one place, they can still have easy access to the same information. It really helps improve communication between multi-disciplinary staff.
Customised Handovers and Worklists
Handovers and worklists can be printed or saved from the system.
Hospital Wide View
Cayder PFM enables teams to manage all their patients effectively through a whole hospital.
Filter and Sort Referrals
Cayder PFM allows referrals to be sorted and filtered on different criteria. Practitioners tell us that being able to customise their patient lists enables them to organise their caseloads better and make sure that patient interventions are being made in the most effective way.
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